Women's History Month

Farmers Market Maui

What inspired you to open your business?

I was actually raised into the business. My father owned it before me, so I grew up working side by side with him from a young age, until I took over the business in 2000. It started out as a fruit stand/farmers market to help local farmers get their products out to the public then we expanded  to a health food store as well.

What has been your biggest challenge as a female entrepreneur/business owner? Proudest moment?

I’d say the biggest challenge would be having farmers or vendors take you seriously, not everyone realizes how long I’ve been in this business and they aren’t aware of the extent of my produce/health food knowledge. My proudest moment was having my children work side by side with me and seeing the family traditions continue.

What inspired you to serve plant-based (options or entire selection)?

I’ve actually been vegetarian my whole life, and I’ve never eaten an egg! I was raised a vegetarian with the mindset that all animals should be treated with kindness. It makes me happy spreading plant-based knowledge!  There are so many amazing products out there now, it's inspiring seeing serious meat eaters pick our plant based recipes over meat!

Advice you would give to other women looking to do something similar?

Work your butt off and don’t give up! If you lead by example and act with good integrity good karma will come back to you. “Be kind” is what I always say!

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