Become a VEDGEco Ambassador!

Spread the plant-based movement, and earn cash!

You have been identified as a key player to incite change and turn the tide of plant-based offerings at restaurants and grocers nationwide. We would be honored to have you represent VEDGEco, and the plant-based movement at large, while earning cash for your efforts!

Support your local independent restaurants and grocers.

With the mission to have plant-based options on every menu across America, we understand the value in supporting local businesses and connecting communities. We will supply you with  business-card-sized VEDGEco “gift cards” to offer to restaurants in-person, that you will fill out with your unique code. This unique code—which can be shared in-person on these cards, or online through social media DMs only—will offer new restaurants $150 off to sample their first order from VEDGEco! This is a gift we wish for restaurants to receive to remove the “risk” of trying new plant-based products, that we know they’ll love!

Thank you for your efforts and your time!

We will send you $50 for every verified new restaurant* who uses your unique code to sample VEDGEco for free, and when the restaurant goes forward to place their second order with VEDGEco, we will send you an additional $50 commission!  Additional rewards will be offered to Ambassadors who show great participation in the program by reporting significant amounts of outreach. (So be sure to log all restaurants you’ve reached out to in our Restaurant Reporting Form you’ll receive via email!)

*Restaurants will be verified as legitimate by VEDGEco staff prior to any commission payout. Verification and approval is at the sole discretion of VEDGEco.

Together we make plant-based accessible, affordable, and sustainable for all!

Let's do it! Click here to apply and get started!

Please email with any questions!