The Other Side Diner

"VEDGEco provides wonderful service and is a great company. They always go above and beyond to provide us with product and special orders to meet all of our needs."

About Other Side Diner

The Other Side Diner is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, with a unique menu that offers a plant-based version of almost every dish they serve including wings, burgers, breakfast items and more.

Marketing Plant-Based

When Other Side Diner originally launched, they had a vision to have a vegan alternative to each menu item. With the help of VEDGEco, Other Side Diner was able to do this more effectively. Already known to have vegan options, the diner relied primarily on word of mouth referrals and sharing new product photos via their social media platforms. 

The Reaction

As Other Side Diner integrated additional items from VEDGEco, they saw an immediate positive reaction to their new menu items. There was an increase in overall foot traffic, word of mouth referrals, social media shares from diners, and reshares from popular outlets highlighting their new offerings. 

As Other Side continues to grow their plant-based selection, they’ve become a destination for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike. When asked about an improvement in demand and sales, Otherside made it evident that their vegan products have become the most popular of their offerings. “We sell about 60% vegan/vegetarian products and 40% traditional meat products.”

Crowd Favorites

So, which VEDGEco products are their favorite? Other Side raved about our Drumsticks from All Vegetarian, “The Vegan drumsticks are our favorite, hands down. Those have always been our best overall seller and crowd fave!” Staying true to a classic dish, The Other Side’s Vegan Chicken Wings come tossed in buffalo or house made BBQ sauce served with vegan ranch.

What’s Next?

Looking toward the future, Other Side plans to continue to expand their vegan options based on the success they’ve had so far. As they continue to actively seek additional items to veganize their current offerings that have yet to find an alternative, we can’t wait to support them every step of the way!

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