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"Online vegan marketplace Vejii has entered into a share purchase agreement to acquire leading business-to-business wholesale platform VEDGEco. VEDGEco is one of the first online wholesale platforms dedicated to plant-based products, enabling smaller businesses to access high-quality products without the large minimum order sizes required by many distributors." Read More.

" Vejii, a growing online marketplace for plant-based items, soon will be able to better help the brands it features make the leap from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar retail and restaurants with the $6.2m acquisition of the Hawaii-based B2B-focused vegan wholesaler and distributor VEDGEco USA Inc." Read More


 "Vejii Holdings Ltd. (CSE: VEJI) (“Vejii” or the “Company“), a North American online marketplace for plant-based and sustainable products, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a share purchase agreement (the “Purchase Agreement“) to acquire VEDGEco USA Inc. (“VEDGEco“), a leading online business-to-business (“B2B“) wholesale platform for plant-based products. Read More.

"Vegan wholesale online retailer VEDGEco is hosting the Planted Chef Challenge: Bakery Edition that highlights independent bakeries across the country that are veganizing one of their signature baked goods. The bakeries currently participating in the challenge received free ForA:Butter (a vegan butter) and will offer their veganized goodies as limited time offers to see how customers respond." Read More

"Plant-Based Revolution: Vegan Pizza Toppings Keep Getting Better and Better. Today’s manufacturers are increasingly creating plant-based protein alternatives that taste great and satisfy demands for quality nutrition, cleaner labels and even sustainable sourcing... According to Trevor Hitch, founder and CEO of VEDGEco in Kailua, Hawaii, as many as 6% of U.S. customers now claim the “vegan” label, a 500% increase over the 1% reported in 2014. '" Read More

"Hawaii-based VEDGEco 'brings freedom of food choice’ across the country. During his decade-long career in food service manufacturing and sales, Trevor Hitch noticed a lack of plant-based options within the industry. Hitch, who’s been vegan since he was 19, was inspired to tackle the problem himself, launching plant-based wholesaler VEDGEco in August of 2019." Read More

"'The demand for plant-based foods, including bakery items, has never been higher,” says Trevor Hitch, chief executive officer of VEDGEco. “By adding plant-based options to their menus, independent bakeries can increase foot traffic, satisfy consumer demand, and boost their bottom line. We’re excited to see (and taste!) what they create.'" Read More

"VEDGEco, the first nationwide wholesaler of 100 percent plant-based food, is pleased to announce the launch of the Planted Chef Challenge: Bakery Edition, a campaign that encourages independent bakeries across the country to veganize one of their popular baked goods." Read More

"VEDGEco offers a wide selection of well-known and hard-to-find plant-based brands including ForA: Butter, a Michelin chef recommended butter alternative; Impossible Burgers; The BE-Hive plant-based meats and cheeses; JUST Egg; Tofurky; Alpha Foods; and more. Products are sold in bulk sizes and at wholesale prices to serve the independent restaurant and food industry, as well as consumers." Read More

" Today, the company offers a carefully curated selection of versatile plant-based products in foam-free, recyclable and compostable packaging, to create as little environmental impact as possible. Meanwhile, as VEDGEco foods are available to consumers, restaurants and other foodservice industry businesses across the United States, Hitch asserts that his company is 'on a mission to enable freedom of food choice at mealtime.'" Read More

"Plant-based wholesaler VEDGEco is giving away free plant-based products to independent restaurants in an effort to help them create new menu options. The company’s new promotion offers the first 1,000 restaurants which sign up for a membership with VEDGEco a $125 credit that can be applied to a variety of its products such as Impossible Burgers, JUST Egg, and Alpha Foods chicken nuggets." Read More

"Anyone looking for low-effort plant-based options that will still impress everyone at your table, the wholesale vegan retailer VEDGEco has a solution." Read More

"If this whole thing has made you as excited as it has made me, you're probably already dreaming up your first order" Read More.



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