Planted Chef Challenge

The Planted Chef Challenge by VEDGEco is an on-going series providing the opportunity to test new, innovative, plant-based products to bring to your business. The challenge: create a plant-based version of one of your most popular items using our 100% plant-based products! In Spring 2021 we challenged four independent bakeries nationwide to “veganize” their most popular baked good using our plant-based ForA:Butter, which received features in VegNews, Bake and other media outlets. For our upcoming Summer challenge, we are calling for restaurants ready to tackle vegan seafood using our Good Catch Plant-Based Tuna!


Call for Restaurants!

Are you an independent, omnivore restaurant ready to be challenged this summer to create a 100% plant-based dish using our Good Catch® Tuna? At 23g per serving, this fish-free tuna is the definition of plant power and can be used 1:1 where traditional tuna is used. It only takes a minute to sign up! We will supply you with the Plant-Based Tuna for your recipe-making, and look forward to highlighting you in our marketing and PR efforts with Good Catch Foods.

The Product

Good Catch® is a new vegan way to enjoy tastes of the sea. Fish-Free Tuna is made of a protein-rich blend of six legumes including peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans, and navy beans, plus added sea algae oil for a boost of omega-3 fatty acids. There are no added spices, so ideal for customizing to your preferred dish.

What You’ll Get

• Free promotion from both VEDGEco & Good Catch Foods® through marketing & PR

• Discount on Good Catch upon initial menu integration

• Additional plant-based items from VEDGEco as needed to create dish

• A professional photographer will come to your kitchen to photograph you and the dish.

The Benefit

• Opportunity to integrate plant-based items into your menu to appeal to flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians, and those with specific food allergies.

• Drive new foot traffic, garner attention, and receive additional marketing support from VEDGEco and Good Catch®

• Included in media outreach + press releases

• Contributions to the charity of your choice

What’s Needed

• A kitchen to work and photograph dish in

• Your cooking skills

• Your willingness to share product insight

• Ability to add your new plant-based creation to your menu as a monthlong LTO

• Willingness to participate in post-LTO case study