Hot Rods 50's Diner

"Because of social media marketing, we have not only increased foot traffic, but have gained customers that have NEVER been to our restaurant. We have been open for 12+ years!"

About Hot Rods 50's Diner

Hot Rods 50's Diner a retro 50's style diner offering a diverse menu, with a vegan-specific menu for those looking to eat plant-based. Decorated with neon lights and pinball machines, step inside and take a step back in time. 

Vegan Integration

Hot Rods offers a specific vegan menu including burgers, salads, and shakes, for those looking to try plant-based options. VEDGEco products they’ve tried include All Vegetarian Bacon, JUST Egg, JUST Egg Folded, All Vegetarian Shrimp, and ForA:Butter. Hot Rods has incorporated VEDGEco items through their vegan BLT, an Incogmeato burger topped with vegan bacon, add vegan bacon as their salad topper. 

Marketing Plant-Based

Hot Rods has relied heavily on social media marketing to advertise their menu items, primarily on Instagram and Facebook. They noted that their area specifically has two facebook pages for vegans and a local website. These pages are used as a reference to which local restaurants are vegan-friendly and where vegan options can be found.  

Hot Rods tactfully chose a soft launch, as they aren’t a vegan only restaurant and wanted to give their staff time to adapt to the new menu offerings. By using word of mouth and social media, they felt it was best to give the customer the opportunity to connect with them immediately in the case of questions or issues. 

The Reaction

Upon launching vegan items, Hot Rods saw an immediate positive reaction. With a vegan specific menu to simplify the ordering process, their existing plant-based customers were thrilled at an increased effort to accommodate them.
On top of existing customers, Hot Rods also saw an increase in new foot traffic despite being open for years, a clear testament to the significance and power of the plant-based industry. “Because of social media marketing, we have not only increased foot traffic, but have gained customers that have NEVER been to our restaurant. We have been open for 12+ years!”

Crowd Favorites

According to Hot Rods, VEDGEco’s All Vegetarian Bacon is a huge hit among customers, “The bacon is a favorite! Customers are in disbelief how much it tastes like real bacon.” The bacon is currently served in salads, BLT’s, and their Bacon Chz Incogmeato Burger. 

Hot Rods also noted their love for our JUST Egg Folded Patties, which are simple scrambled egg-style substitutes perfect for any breakfast sandwich or burger!

What’s Next?

Hot Rods has signaled that they have no plans on slowing down their vegan rollout, as they intended to expand their plant-based menu even further. They also noted, “We also have another restaurant that we are developing a vegan menu for, and half of that restaurant will be vegan.

VEDGEco is absolutely thrilled over Hot Rod’s initial response to their vegan menu, and looks forward to helping their business grow their plant-based options as they move forward. With a mission to inspire independent restaurants to offer the freedom of food choice to their customers, VEDGEco is proud to continue to support Hot Rods in any way possible. 

Thoughts On VEDGEco?

“LOVE! The customer service is amazing, shipping is prompt and included in the price which is HUGE. We used to have our go to a national distributor for items we couldn’t get through our local distributors, but the shipping always killed us, so now every new vegan item we want to find we check VEDGEco  first.”

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