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A fermented food that fits into all kinds of recipes, Tofurky's Organic Soy Tempeh is crafted from 100% organic soybeans.  Mild and adaptable, this tempeh is a perfect complement to a simple salad or as a recipe base. 

In 1980, after making from-scratch tempeh to share with friends and family, 30-year-old teacher/naturalist/hippie Seth Tibbott opens his own company in Forest Grove, Oregon. He expands operations to a vacant elementary school in 1983 -- and decades ahead of the tiny house trend, he builds a 300-square-foot treehouse to call home. Fast forward to 1995, Tofurky debuts the very first Holiday Roast. It strikes a cultural chord with a nation hungry for a tastier meat-free Thanksgiving. Today our growth plans include new products, but also new countries. We're so inspired by a world that is waking up to the benefits of tasty veg food.

We talk taste and walk respect. Our mission of respect for people, animals and the planet is the big “why” behind everything we do. We carry out our mission by getting every bacon-chomping, barbecue-loving eater out there to see the wisdom of a plant-based diet. And we do that by talking about what everyone wants to talk about: the food that makes them Happy.

Find Tasty We're still a family biz. We don’t stress about pleasing our shareholders – because we don’t have any. Family-owned for 40 years, Tofurky has always focused on purpose over profits. Seth’s stepson Jaime Athos, CEO, is now leading us into the next millennium of animal-friendly food that’s 100% tasty.

yum for all. We make tasty food for plant-eaters, meat-eaters and people who resist labels. Our mission is to make great food everyone can enjoy, and do it with respect for people, animals and the planet. See why our food tastes so good.

Water, organic soybeans, organic apple cider vinegar, starter culture (rhizopus oligosporous).

Contains soy.

  1. Slice tempeh into thin ¼” strips.
  2. Marinate for 20 minutes.
  3. Sauté in 3 Tbsp oil (vegetable or sesame work best), or broil 5 minutes on each side.

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Diksha M.
I love that we have

I love that we have so much of this, so it's easy for us to get our protein in for the day as busy med students! It's cooked quickly!

Rebecca K.


Maria F.
Best tempeh

I had no idea tempeh could be this fresh and sweet. Best tempeh I have ever had.

Patricia T.
Everything arrived fast, frozen and

Everything arrived fast, frozen and according to order.

Martin M.
Outstanding Customer Service

Great product matched with wonderful service - order with confidence!