Spreading the Word about VEDGEco

VIP Email Template

Here is a sample template you can use after you visit a restaurant, organization or small business to encourage sign up.

TIP: Use this as a starting point, but don't be afraid to add your own personal touch (like calling out your favorite VEDGEco product)! 


Hi [Insert First Name],

It was great speaking with you today about adding Plant-Based options to your [menu/store/operation]. I think VEDGEco products [fill in specific product recommendations] would be a great fit for your business!

As a reminder, VEDGEco ships 100% plant-based food delivered directly to your door in wholesale and food service sizes. As a VEDGEco Plus member, you'll receive exclusive discounted pricing along with free shipping on our VEDGEco case packs.

Visit the B2B section of VEDGEco's site [insert your Refersion tracking link here] and select "Sign Up for Plus" to get started.

Don't forget to use my special coupon code [insert unique coupon code here in ALL CAPS] for $25 off your first order!

Have a great day,