Community Kit

What is Plant-Based?

At VEDGEco, we use the term "plant-based" synonymous with "vegan." In order for a menu item to be vegan, it must be completely free of meat, seafood, dairy, butter, eggs, insect byproducts like honey, and it cannot share cooking surfaces or oils with meat.

If you have any questions about recipe ingredients or how to prepare plant-based food, then please email us at

Why Plant-Based?

There are numerous reasons Americans are looking for plant-based options at restaurants including health, fitness, environmentalist & animal welfare motivations. Learn about how a plant-based menu can help your business grow with help from the Good Food Institute.

Our Products

Find a full list of VEDGEco Plant-Based products available to food service & wholesale businesses here.

How to market Plant-Based?

Use these tips and tricks from the Good Food Institute to start merchandising your new plant-based menu options.

Case Studies

Read up on case studies about how some of America's top restaurants are thriving in today's environment with plant-based food.