VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge ft. Good Catch® Plant-Based Tuna

What happens when restaurants across the country are challenged to create a "veganized" recipe with our Good Catch® Plant-Based Tuna? Magic, is what. Meet the Chefs and restaurants behind our newest edition of the #VEDGEcoPlantedChef Challenge.

This campaign supports our mission: to make plant-based eating more accessible, affordable, and sustainable nationwide. Be sure to stop by and support these independent businesses whether you're local or visiting!

Meet Our Stellar Line-Up of Restaurants:


Tuna Salad Sandwich by Chef Alvaro
Swingers Diner | @swingersdiner



Chef Alvaro of Swingers Diner used our Good Catch Plant-Based Tuna as a one-to-one replacement to make for a classic tuna sandwich! 

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Vegan Spicy Tuna Temaki by Chef Jay
Lucky Robot | @theluckyrobotatx



Chef Jay of Lucky Robot created this unique handroll for a happy hour special packed with vegan spicy tuna, green onion, avocado, and lemongrass soy.

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Dell-licious Tuna Salad by Chef Michael
Dellzville | @eatdellz



Owner of Dellzville Chef Michael created a "Dell-licious" recipe with our plant-based tuna flakes that when paired with plant-based shrimp takes seafood to the next level!

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About Good Catch® Plant-Based Tuna
Made with legumes, Good Catch Plant-Based Tuna is nutrient-dense and packed with protein at 23g per serving. This plant-based tuna can be used in any application where traditional tuna is used and is chef-mastered to capture the taste and texture of real fish. This is seafood, evolved.


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