Starbust Parlor Spices Up Keto Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

Starburst Parlor is one of our incredible featured restaurants in our Planted Chef Challenge: Bakery Edition. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Chef Jill Shlesinger crafts keto dishes, all gluten-free and sugar-free. We were honored to partner with Chef Jill to craft a "veganized" baked good for our Challenge using our ForA:Butter, while keeping true to the bakery's keto guidelines. And so, ‎voilà! 100% plant-based, sugar-free, and gluten-free Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies.

Chef Jill's Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies are made with three types of chocolate with hints of cinnamon and topped with toasted pecans, drizzled in chocolate, and dusted with sweet and spicy chipotle powder. Delicious! 

Starburst Parlor - VEDGEco's Planted Chef Challenge

Starburst Parlor will soon be opening a bakery storefront in Las Vegas, so stay tuned for their announcement on their Instagram: @starburstparlor. In the meantime, order local delivery and ship right to your door on their website:

Starburst Parlor | Las Vegas, NV | @starburstparlor

Photos by @thenames.lou


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