Rad.ish Street Food Created in Honor of Daughter, Discovers Plant-Based Demand in Michigan

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Location: Traverse City, MI
Co-Owner and Chefs: Ryan and Lisa Moberly

As VEDGEco celebrates our one-year anniversary, we celebrate the restaurants who have been with us from the very beginning! Lisa and Ryan Moberly of Rad.ish Street Food have been with VEDGEco every step of the way, and it has been our honor to supply to their pop-up vegan restaurants of Mexican-American cuisine and Asian-American fusion. in Traverse City, Michigan. Rad.ish Street Food is Mexican-American owned and you can find them at The Coin Slot and Stone Hound Brewing Co.. Their story is one of incredible resilience through tragedy, uprooting locations, and starting fresh through the pandemic. May their story inspire you as it has inspired us.


Their Story

Rad.ish Street Food began in 2019 after Lisa and Ryan Moberly moved from Southern California to Traverse City, MI to get a new perspective in life. List fell in love with the idea of Midwest living after hearing Ryan recall memories of living in Grand Rapids. “I needed to get away from the hustle of California living and slow down.”

Three years earlier, Lisa experienced a tragedy you could never wish for any one to experience: she lost their 7-year-old daughter Izabela in a car accident in which Lisa survived. Izabela’s life and the memories Lisa shared with cooking with her daughter led to the path of pursuing opening a vegan pop-up restaurant. Lisa shared her story with us:

 “When such a tremendous tragedy happens your whole life as you know it stops and leaves you picking up the pieces of what's left. I let Izabela choose her own path with most things but in my home we were vegetarian/vegan. I stopped eating meat at the age of 9 when I found out it doesn't only just taste like chicken, it was an actual chicken. 

I loved having Izabela help me shop for our dinner and have her pick out her favorite fruits and veggies, and then have her help me cook, which in turn created a positive outlook on food and being excited to eat what she and I created together. Our favorite was making sushi. We would stuff it with all kinds of different fruits and veggies, we never seemed to make a bad roll. That memory inspired me to open up an all vegan pop-up restaurant.”


Rad.ish Street Food logo art of Izabella drawn by Lisa Moberly

In addition to this inspiration, Lisa and Ryan drew in other inspirations from their life experiences and cultures. “Ryan spent some time in Maui on O'o farms working with farm-to-table cuisine which has also inspired us to work directly with the farms. You can really taste the difference in the produce. One [of our pop-ups] is our take on Asian-American fusion and the other is Mexican-American. I am half-Mexican and grew up primarily in a Mexican household with a huge extended family. That menu is dedicated to my childhood favorites.”

Rad.ish Street food was the only all-vegan restaurant in Northern Michigan for a few years until just recently. “It seems like it has been a cuisine that has been really needed. We've been busy since the moment we had our first pop-up at the farmers market in 2019.”

Continue reading below to learn more about Rad.ish Street Food's unique experiences in the plant-based space mid-pandemic.



Pandemic Challenges and Highlights

"The highlight would be that we were able to open slowly and still provide food for people that were too uncomfortable to go out and shop. The challenges we are facing right now is with Michigan opening up so abruptly and without warning. There are staff shortages and having to cover those shifts—going from 25% capacity to 100% overnight—was a huge change for us."


Rad.ish’s Most Popular Plant-Based Dishes

"We have two pop-ups right now. Our most popular dishes are the Hey There Tiger Roll made with vegan shrimp, our No Animals Harmed Burger (our take on the In-N-Out “animal-style” burger), and Mexican Street Fries piled with vegan asada, beer cheese made from the beer at the brewery where we have our pop-up, pico de gallo, salsa verde, house-made creme cilantro and onions, and Jackfruit Taquitos."



New Plant-Based Products to try in 2021

"We are excited to try Beyond Meat's new chicken. We just tried samples of the Good Catch Plant-Based Tuna Flakes from VEDGEco and OMG that's a game changer! We can't wait to run some specials and see what people think of it."


Recommendations for Restaurants Adding Plant-Based to Their Menu

"I would say start with your favorite recipe and sub out any animal product with a vegan one. If you don't like a certain brand, keep trying others. There are so many to choose from these days!"


Thank you to Lisa and Ryan for taking the time to share their story and experiences with us. We are honored to hear them, and to share them. The VEDGEco team wishes you both and your business the very best.


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