Oui Pastries Seasonally Introduces New Vegan-Friendly Options

We are honored to feature Oui Pastries as a part of our Planted Chef Challenge: Bakery Edition. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chef Christy-Jae Cheyne (Chef C.J.) creates recipe options for a variety of customers, which includes a seasonal menu with a rotating plant-based options. We are thrilled Oui Pastries joined us in our Challenge to use our ForA:Butter, to "veganize" a delicious pastry, and Chef C.J. truly wow-ed up with a "Chocolate Flower Pot." 

Oui Pastries - VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge

This vegan “Chocolate Flower Pot” includes a chocolate cake, balsamic dark chocolate ganache, strawberries and a chocolate shortbread crafted from our ForA:Butter. 

Check out this incredible video as Chef C.J. walks us through making this uncompromisingly delicious plant-based dish.



Thank you to Oui Pastries for joining our Planted Chef Challenge!

Oui Pastries | Philadelphia, PA | @ouipastries

Photo and video by @tofustrong


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