Lucky Robot Makes Waves Offering Plant-Based Seafood Options

Lucky Robot | Austin, TX

VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge ft. Good Catch® Plant-Based Tuna
Vegan Spicy Tuna Temaki (Handroll)


Born in Austin, TX, Lucky Robot is the first sustainable sushi restaurant in Texas. Given Lucky Robot’s strong mission and fantastic sustainability practice, we’re thrilled to team up with head chef, Jay Huang, and owner, Adam Weisberg, to create an ocean-friendly and ultra-tasty plant-based dish with our Plant-Based Tuna Flakes from Good Catch Foods. 

For their participation in our VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge: Good Catch Tuna Edition, Lucky Robot created a happy hour special featuring a Vegan Spicy Tuna Temaki, commonly known as a handroll. This roll is hand-packed with vegan spicy tuna from Good Catch, green onion, avocado, and lemongrass soy - the ultimate combination of flavors. 

We’re ecstatic to be working with chefs and restaurants that care about sustainability practices as deeply as we do, while keeping vegan options on their menu for a more plant-powered future. Keep reading to learn more about Lucky Robot’s participation in the Planted Chef Challenge, their thoughts on plant-based, and how Lucky Robot has become a leader in the plant-based sushi space.

Why are you interested in offering plant-based dishes?

We are constantly listening to our guests and love providing experiences and access to plant based dishes you can't otherwise get anywhere else.

As a chef, what excites you about using plant-based products in your dishes?

Vegetable cookery is oftentimes more challenging than cooking with meat. I love the process of developing recipes that balance texture with flavor.

Have you seen an increase in demand for plant-based dishes? Have you received customer feedback on your current plant-based offerings, if any?

Yes. Vegan sushi is a new frontier. We try to create offerings that aren't just avocado and cucumber. Customers are very appreciative of all our vegan offerings.

More About Chef Jay Huang

Chef Jay’s dishes have the elegance and balance of Japanese cuisine accentuated with the fragrant chilies and aromatic spices of Latin America. Jay is a classically trained sushi chef with two decades of experience. His commitment to seafood sustainability led Lucky Robot to be recognized as the first sustainable sushi restaurant in Texas by the James Beard Foundation. | @theluckyrobotatx

Photos by Dustin Finkelstein


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