Earth Aloha Eats Knows Plant-Based Eating is a Vibe

@earthalohaeats |
Locations: Kahului + Lahaina, HI
Owner: Danielle Marie

About Earth Aloha Eats

Earth Aloha Eats is a 100% plant-based food truck with locations in both Kahului and Lahaina in Maui, HI. Earth Aloha Eats was opened by Danielle Gosh after becoming vegan themself, with a goal to spread the vegan mission and assist others in eating plant-based. When a local food truck was closing and asked Danielle to take over, she took the plunge and has been operating as Earth Aloha Eats ever since! With a mission to help spread more love, compassion, and peace to all beings, Earth Aloha Eats has made quite the splash on the island since their debut!

The Menu

Today, Earth Aloha Eats offers a wide menu focusing on comfort and pub food like: burgers, tacos, loaded fries, rice bowls, and desserts. Though all items are highly coveted by their customers, their Pulled Pork Fries, Aloha Burger + Asian Teriyaki Bowl are consistent top sellers, and we totally understand why! 



VEDGEco Favorites

We love working with and supplying Earth Aloha Eats with some of their absolute favorites! Currently, Earth Aloha Eats serves Alpha Foods Chik’n Patties, Alpha Foods Chik’n NuggetsNoDoh Brand Mozzarella-Style Sticks, and Butler Soy Curls, at their locations. Check out the photos below to see these plant-based goodies in action!



The Demand For Plant-Based

As Earth Aloha Eats continues to be a plant-based force in Hawaii, they’ve seen a huge surge in demand for their dishes. Danielle told us that since the inception of their restaurant in 2018, they’ve noticed “a huge increase [in demand for plant-based]. More and more people seem to be open and receptive to trying plant-based foods!” As we look toward a more plant-powered future, we couldn’t love to hear that more.

Marketing Plant-Based

With a strong following paired with their strong social media presence, Earth Aloha Eats relies primarily on their Instagram and Facebook accounts to highlight their newest menu additions, specials, and business updates, in addition to being their primary means of customer communication outside of their phone. On top of their strong social media strategy, Earth Aloha Eats has maintained their online presence through their many 5-star reviews, a testament to their food quality, their hospitality, and overall service. 

What’s Next?

Looking toward the future, Earth Aloha Eats plans to continue their mission of bringing plant-powered food to those in Hawaii, and we can’t wait to support them every step of the way. With their special-driven menu and dedication to providing health and comfort food, we’re always on the lookout for tasty creations and plant-based innovations from their team. We admire their dedication to a cause we’re so deeply aligned with, and love watching their impact in Hawaii!