Dellzville Dives Headfirst Into Plant-Based Seafood

Dellzville | Charleston, South Carolina

VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge ft. Good Catch® Plant-Based Tuna
Dell-licious Tuna Salad

Dellzville, previously known as Dell’z, is a restaurant located in Charleston, SC and is an absolute must-stop for plant-based eaters and omnivore eaters alike. With a plant-forward menu, we were absolutely ecstatic when they joined our VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge: Good Catch Plant-Based Tuna Edition! Working with the owner, Michael Bonds, we provided Good Catch Plant-Based Tuna and he created one of the greatest dishes of all time -- the Dell-licious Tuna Salad!

The Dell-licious Tuna Salad is packed with our favorite fresh ingredients, and our favorite seafood alternatives including plant-based tuna salad made with Good Catch Plant-Based Tuna Flakes, air-fried vegan shrimp, quinoa, crispy onions, bell peppers, and thyme. 

VEDGEco is so grateful to work with plant-forward chefs like Michael, and we’ve been lucky enough to receive his insight on choosing to participate in the Planted Chef Challenge, his experience with the plant-based movement, and why Dellzville offers plant-based options to their customers! Keep reading to learn more about Dellzville...

Why were you interested in becoming a VEDGEco Planted Chef and why are you interested in offering plant-based dishes?

Plant based is the future, VEDGEco is a trusted company and recommended by people we respect. Plant based is the healthier option and adds vitality to your day.

As a chef, what excites you about using plant-based products in your dishes?

The unknown territory, the mixing and matching of items you didn't know were possible.

Have you seen an increase in demand for plant-based dishes? Have you received customer feedback on your current plant-based offerings, if any?

Yes we have seen an increase in demand for plant based dishes. All of our offerings are highly sought after and recommended.

Anything else about your business that you'd love to share?

13 years ago we started our family business, we were the pioneers of healthy eating in the Charleston market. We began incorporating plant based items to make it easier for our customers to eat healthier. Our customers are like family, we would not put anything in their bodies that we wouldn't put in our own. As we grow and learn more and more about healthier eating and plant based alternatives, our customers will too.

Photos by Tom Carson | @eatdellz


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