Baked AF Crafts the Ultimate Vegan Toaster Strudel

Baked AF really took our VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge to the next level! Chef Amira Fahmy created a Vegan Toaster Strudel with the highest-quality, uncompromisingly delicious plant-based meat, dairy, and egg alternatives. Chef Amira proved that ForA:Butter's is a 1:1 replacement for traditional butter, perfect to make laminated dough and the fully, flaky baked goods they should be! Enjoy these mouth-watering photos of Chef Amira's plant-based pastry which includes ForA: Butter, JUST Egg, Field Roast Sausages, and Daiya Cheese.

Baked AF - VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge

Baked AF - VEDGEco Planted Chef Challenge

Thank you to Baked AF for participating in our Challenge!

Baked AF | Cleveland, OH | @bakedafcle

Photos by @alysenelson_


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