VEDGEco Celebrates Earth Day

VEDGEco Celebrates Earth Day

This Earth Day we reflect and take action on how we can do our part to better care for the world now and for the future. As the nation’s only plant-based wholesaler, we understand we are in a key position to shape our collective plant-based future, and we are eager to have you as a part of that journey.

Imagine this day with us: every restaurant you go to has plant-based options that are delicious and affordable (and don’t cost you *extra*), the demand for plant-based products has far surpassed the demand for animal-based counterparts, and plant-based meals are the default food of choice and are, dare we say it, *normal* for all. Imagine that the process of delivering these plant-based items is sustainable with focus on the least environmental impact possible, and the food scraps at the end of the meal are composted and given back into the earth. Imagine every step of the plant-based future that has people, animals, and our planet thriving.

VEDGEco is actively working toward this day. Our focus on shipping in bulk reduces our carbon footprint by saving jet and vehicle emissions and lowering the amount of packaging materials. Delivering plant-based products made by 100% plant-based companies ensures we are investing in the future of sustainable agriculture. Supporting our local independent restaurants and businesses mean we empower our communities with the freedom of choice, and the chance to choose affordable, accessible, and wow-it’s-so-outrageously-delicious plant-based options.

This is the future of the plant-based movement.

Thanks to [@plantbasedpunkrock] for this stellar graphic!