Plus Account Specialist

VEDGEco is looking for an entry level, passionate foodie & plant-based eater who has good communication skills, organization & attention to detail. Ability to learn quickly and work in an agile environment is a plus. This position will primarily be working with our Plus accounts. Tasks will include: discovering and reaching out to potential new businesses, forming and maintaining relationships with business accounts, assisting in customer relations, providing courteous and helpful answers to customer questions, and working to solve any potential issues that a customer or business may encounter along their path.

A basic understanding of the major social media platforms is preferred but not required.

Please send all resumes to


About VEDGEco

Plant-Based Delivered. VEDGEco is on a mission to enable freedom of food choice at meal-time, whether at home, school, or local eateries. With Hawaiian roots and now operating out of the continental US, VEDGEco ships 100% plant-based products in bulk to both consumers and food service partners alike, making plant-based eating more sustainable, affordable, and accessible nationwide. There is a $100 order minimum and $150 free shipping for all customers. VEDGEco Plus members receive discounted wholesale pricing. In an effort to build a more sustainable future, VEDGEco ships products frozen with as little environmental impact as possible in foam-free, recyclable, and compostable materials.